From the mind of Patrice Sikora

Subway Train


You don't always know how you will react in a situation, but today I smiled when the train pulled into the subway station because it was the Subway Library train!

Whisker Fatigue...and I'm not talking about men tired of shaving. This is something that can irk a cat so much he is reluctant to eat.

It never fails to astound me how many people dump an animal they have taken into their home, supposedly forever. In some cases it is a clear case of abandonment but in others it is a case of not searching for an animal that may have gotten out of the house or the yard, or slipped a collar.



Contrasts make life interesting. The calendar has been in Spring mode for some weeks now, but the weather has not kept up, until now.

Writing space on a Sunday afternoon. Should be a balmy day in May but it is only in the 50's. Better to stay inside and write.



Several weekends of time to work on tai chi and meditation can be so quickly wiped away by the real world. I'm sure you have also noticed the stress that engulfs us today, sapping energy and optimism if you are not careful.

The warmer weather is least it should be coming to the Northeast...and that makes me think of flowers.

Need to Write


Everyone can create. It is the sharing that takes time and effort.

The sun was low in the sky as the three people in black jackets stepped out of a back door of the chapel in Haliburum. They paused as a young man in a beige robe approached, his hands clasped in front of him.
The woman with the snow white hair spoke first.
"Well, young priest, what can we do for you? You're a little far away from your Lady's temple."...