From the mind of Patrice Sikora

It is very easy to kill off a character with the tap of a few keys...a stroke here, a backspace-misspelling there and Voila! In this series the said-chosen character, however much loved, would be saying Hello to Luke, the Prince of Death.

We are back on Standard Time having "gained" an hour this weekend. Some used it for much-welcomed sleep while others used it to party or further a project. But what if we had taken the time to think about how we will vote tomorrow.

Roland was on the brink of deep sleep when he heard his name and a knocking at his door. He opened and Zinc grabbed him.
"We have a problem. She's sick and having seizures."
"What are you talking about?" said the ringleader wiping his eyes.
"Your Courier. I think she's dying."
That comment sent the adrenalin rushing and Ronald's mind cleared....

When the hint of fall hits the air, or the humidity of summer or sweet smell of spring or the crisp cold of your reading or writing habits change?

Patrice Sikora will be regularly adding snippets of the new book and personal anecdotes here.