Book 3 - Too Much?


Roland was on the brink of deep sleep when he heard his name and a knocking at his door. He opened and Zinc grabbed him.
"We have a problem. She's sick and having seizures."
"What are you talking about?" said the ringleader wiping his eyes.
"Your Courier. I think she's dying."
That comment sent the adrenalin rushing and Ronald's mind cleared.
"What do you mean dying? How much of the drug did you shoot her with?"
The hunter shrugged in obvious distress. "What I would use for a doe."
"Idiot! How much does a average doe weigh?"
"You wanted a clean drop, so I went for the high range about 180 or 200 pounds."
"She is nowhere near that weight, asshole. You overdosed her!"
In a panic, Roland grabbed Nan and turned on Zinc. "If she dies, Ao will want to know why and you'd better be ready with answers."
"You said --."
"Shut up! Just shut the F-up."The younger man glared at Zinc. "You are in such deep shit."
The pair raced to the outer building where they had dumped Gwen and as he entered, Roland gagged at the smell of vomit, feces and sweat. He looked at the woman lying motionless in the straw, her body twisted in an unnatural position and groaned.
"This wasn't supposed to happen," he muttered through clenched teeth. "Not supposed to happen."
Gwen stirred and her body began to shake again as another seizure began.
"Get Abeha in here," he ordered.
"The doc doesn't know about this," stuttered Zinc.
"She will now. GET HER IN HERE!"
The hunter jumped and ran as Roland clutched Nan and watched his prisoner writhe in the straw.
"Jacket," he suddenly muttered, "Jacket can help."
Gagging again, he approached the Courier and tossed Nan down so she landed open and across her partner's body.
"Do something. Stop this," he said as he jumped back. "Stop this."
Nan was appalled by her first contact. Gwen body was shutting down as toxins flooded organs and cells and the coat desperately looked for a place to start any healing. She found it in the kidneys which had emptied and were grasping for a clean source of strength and the liver which was struggling to hold its own in cleansing its system. Nan provided them both with a boost of energy and then a lifeline to the outside from which she continued to draw air and life.
The lungs and heart were shutting down until she grabbed them and pulled them open to feed from the stream of energy she was channeling to the other organs. Nan could feel some slight improvement and then sensed the next seizure building. She spiraled her essence through Gwen nervous system and found the growing nucleus of disruption with the full intent of smashing it, but in her contact with cells she noticed a difference in texture and color that made her pause. The damage being done by the remnants of the elixir that had save Gwen's life once, was morphing into healthy, whole cells that were quickly becoming strong and vibrant. Yes, she acknowledged, even powerful. Instead of blocking the seizure completely, Nan worked to manage its force and bled some of it out of the Courier's body, through herself, to ease the impact.