Contrasts make life interesting. The calendar has been in Spring mode for some weeks now, but the weather has not kept up, until now.

The raw, blustery days of May have suddenly given way to a sunny, mild day that makes the walk to the subway a pleasure.

The warm, not oppressive, sun warms the air, but is not enough to release the smells that can mark a hot day in New York City. The tourists are out reinforcing what a great place the city can be to explore and discover.

The lady who cuts and sells mango and pineapple from a card table on the sidewalk is back from her winter hiatus. The orange and yellow slices draw your gaze as they wait in clear plastic containers. She has sauces you can add, too.

The salad shops are filled with the lunch crowd, too. In fact, the lines stretch out the door onto the sidewalk.

And then it is time to take the steps down to the dark of the subway. The heat has not penetrated here yet. So, it is still cool. That will change in the coming weeks.