How Many Characters to Kill Off


It is very easy to kill off a character with the tap of a few keys...a stroke here, a backspace-misspelling there and Voila! In this series the said-chosen character, however much loved, would be saying Hello to Luke, the Prince of Death.

But just because it is easy, is it the right thing? This is DNR, no return. Has that character given all he or she has in them? Does their demise contribute to the story or is it gratuitous? Be honest: are you tired of them?

Hmmm. I am not tired of the characters I have in the crosshairs, but I feel their Crossing would open the way for a new twist on the Riders...and yes, I am thinking of two Riders joining Luke. Is that an easy way out to test new ideas or a growth mode?

What do you think about killing off friends to open the way for acquaintances who could become friends?