Language of Flowers


The warmer weather is least it should be coming to the Northeast...and that makes me think of flowers.

The Victorians often used flowers to send messages of affection and, in some cases, intrigue. The more I read about the language of flowers the more fascinated I become.

I'm sure you know red roses mean love, but what about yellow or pink ones? Yellow means friendship and depending on the depth of color, pink can mean anything from thankfulness to grace and joy.

I put a wide range of flowers and colors in the garden patch outside the Boathouse where Dob waits to ferry travelers across the river to the Prince of Death's realm.

Chrysanthemums, marigolds, roses, sweet pea and zinnia are there in various colors. Here's how Gwen explains their meanings to Claire:

"The white and yellow chrysanthemums mean loyalty and honesty, and sorrow and love. The marigolds are creativity and remembering the dead. The roses love, longing and because these are so deeply red, they also mean farewell. The purple sweet pea is also a departure flower but it is more like goodby and thanks for a good time. And the different zinnia colors means slightly different things but they echo the others: affection, thinking of an absent friend, remembrance."

I love flowers.