Subway Train


You don't always know how you will react in a situation, but today I smiled when the train pulled into the subway station because it was the Subway Library train!

I reported on the story a few weeks the New York Public Library and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority created a 10-car subway train that looks like the inside of the Rose Reading Room in the Main Branch. The seats look like wood and the walls look like they have shelves of books. The roof of the cars even has the overlays of the room's ceiling.

The goal is to encourage riders to read. You don't really need the actual train because now in every subway station you can connect with the Transit Wireless WiFi network. Connect, click on the SubwayLibrary.comprompt and you can browse and download books, short stories and book excerpts.

The special train will run for six weeks on the city's subway lines that run in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens. I caught in on the E line in Manhattan and when it pulled up and I saw the outside design I knew immediately what it was and I smiled. My ride downtown was fun!
I hope it is there again tomorrow....and the day after...and the day after.