Take an Hour, Think, Then Vote


We are back on Standard Time having "gained" an hour this weekend. Some used it for much-welcomed sleep while others used it to party or further a project. But what if we had taken the time to think about how we will vote tomorrow.

After a tediously long campaign that increasingly took on a tone of rancor and bitterness and fostered statements that only the truly besotted believed, I am ready to cast my ballot and get on with things. But this is just the beginning. No matter who wins, the stalemate that is Washington will need a persistent, yet firm, sledge hammer to loosen it if we are to have a responsible government.

For bipartisan politics to resume in this country we need incredibly brave people to step across the aisle and work together. Yes, that means compromise and in some cases you may not totally support the outcome. But to do otherwise is to relegate the US to four years of stagnation and a sense of division that will strengthen with time and condemn the next presidential contest to mud wrestling, not just mud slinging.

Take some time to think before you cast you vote and do your best to move beyond the campaign rhetoric to sensible conversation. Work for the change you want in lawful, peaceful channels. The first step in that process is to vote.