Change of Season


When the hint of fall hits the air, or the humidity of summer or sweet smell of spring or the crisp cold of your reading or writing habits change?

The tendrils of fall are touching the trees and thermometers in New Jersey and it makes me want to lay a fire and pull my laptop next to it to write. Or maybe give into the guilty pleasure of sitting on the sofa with a good book (and cat or dog) to just go to whatever world unfolds.

Wait....the temp is 75? I swear it was at least in the 40's! This is a season of wild swings and what better time to let your imagination swing to all excesses in writing. Take that character to places she has never been....give him the chance to do something that maybe would never have happened during the gentle spring.

One great thing about the Northeast is the actual, fairly well defined seasons. Embrace the freshness each brings...make bold statements. Heck you can always change them as you sit in front of the winter fire.

And a purely stray be back in Iceland. It is wonderful in March.

Share how your habits change with the seasons.